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Razor wire can add great value to high valued smart electronic surveillance and security systems. An apparently simple looking coil of wire with razor sharp tape integrated into, can actually be a game changer as far as security set ups are concerned.

Often one hears from security experts – only if they could buy another couple of minutes – they could make a full proof system – here is where Razor wire proves its significance. In a recent test executed in our facility, a pyramid of six coils (each with 900mm diameter without extension) of pyramid was laid out. Three volunteers were given adequate protective gear and power tools and asked to clear the pyramid and make way for themselves. These volunteers were not experts, but they were equipped some heavy duty tools to cut the wire through.

It took them approximately 14 minutes to make way for themselves. Apart from the heavy equipments they also had the advantage of not being in a tensed situation, they had no other surveillance to worry about – and they could do their jobs with a relaxed mind. The most significant advantage that Razor wire offers is the tension within it by virtue of high tensile wire being coiled. As soon as this coil is cut – it entangles and becomes a ‘mess’ cutting through which is a seriously dangerous task for the unequipped. And for those who do wear heavy protective gear – they start from a disadvantage of having to carry a heavy gear.

One can very confidently say that razor wire if installed cleverly, can buy any security system eight to ten important extra minutes, and not just that, this bought time immediately enhances the value of the other optical and electronic systems installed at the site. Compared to these systems, the cost of a razor wire is a pea nut – but along with it these high cost equipment can be exploited to their fullest.

Razor Wire – A Cost Efficient Security Solution


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