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When it comes to miniature fairy gardening sometimes the most magical inspiration comes from unexpected childhood.

When it comes to miniature fairy gardening sometimes the most magical inspiration comes from unexpected childhood.

When it comes to miniature fairy gardening sometimes the most magical inspiration comes from unexpected childhood memories. If there is a moment from your past that holds some magical memories, it is usually a perfect time in your life to draw inspiration from when creating a mini garden. One such memory I use to influence my fairy gardens is attending carnivals, state fairs, and amusement parks with my friends and family. There is something about riding roller coasters and Ferris wheels at night that makes magic come alive in the air. I remember enjoying the high-energy place while eating cotton candy and people watching as groups of families would walk by. I know when I think back to those memories they are always surrounded by a buzz of energy only associate with extremely happy and divine moments.

These are the perfect magical and unique moments that should become a magical fairy garden that will grace your home. This is the perfect miniature garden to add a lot of bright and vibrant colors to. Another great idea is to add miniature accessories that will glow and shine at night. This will add another layer of personality to your garden that you would otherwise stand dull during the evening hours.

When you want to create a scene out of your childhood inspired by a carnival you will need to start with a container large enough to hold all the miniature rides, food stands, and brightly colored accessories and signs you’ll need to mimic the memory. A personal favorite container of mine is an old metal washtub since it is large enough to hold a fair amount of miniature plants as well as accessories. It also adds to the character of the carnival scene – the older container makes you think of a simpler time, which is something I personally love. The more rust and dinged up the wash tub, the better!

As soon and you are ready to add in your miniature accessories make sure you have the items you will need to create the scene. You will need a Ferris wheel, food carts, colorful flags, brightly colored and silly fairies and finally tables set up with bottles of waters, ice cream cones, and other sweet or salty fried treats. It is easy to see why anyone would want something so exciting and memorable as part of their home. When I think about the miniature gardens I have added to my home, I always wanted them to be silly, creative and a talking piece my guests could appreciate and share the memory with others.

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