Endless Ideas about Christmas Fairy Houses

Miniature gardens are not complete without fairy houses that fit with the theme of the garden.

Miniature gardens are not complete without fairy houses that fit with the theme of the garden.

Miniature gardens are not complete without fairy houses that fit with the theme of the garden. This time of year when you are working on buying presents, finding family recipes, and decorating your home, have you thought about creating a Christmas themed fairy garden? Maybe you would like to dress up an existing miniature garden container with new fairy accessories that intensify the holiday spirit. Fairy houses also make thoughtful gifts for gardening friends and relatives.

Pots are important to the overall look of a container garden however, adding the bigger decorative pieces, such as a collection of fairy houses, have a big impact on the overall look. Some gardeners prefer to purchase tiny homes from the same designer for a uniform look, while others like the eclectic atmosphere of mixing and matching the decorative elements by displaying homes from a variety of designers. Whichever combination you select, consider keeping the scale of the fairy houses similar, since a common scale in size is more pleasing to the eye.

The front door of a fairy house makes it easy to determine the scale. The most popular scale in miniature gardening is 1:12; a one-foot door in real size would equal one-inch for a miniature item. I measured the front door of our house and it is almost seven-feet high. Therefore, this same door would be seven-inches high for a miniature fairy house. If all the doors of the fairy houses had the same height of seven-inches, then the items would be to scale. Adult fairies, sized to the 1:12 scale, would be able to fit through the door. So, when considering a grouping of fairy houses, remember to measure the door to determine the common scale. This same scale can be used when planning the miniature garden and selecting accessories.

When it comes to decorating the fairy houses for the holidays, I have seen traditional fairy houses dressed up with faux snow on the roof and Christmas signs in the front yard. Christmas themed fairies have been added to the garden as well. This is the simplest way to have a Christmas themed miniature garden – just adorn the fairy garden the way you would decorate your own home this time of year. On the opposite end, I have seen some very detailed and specific miniature gardens made just for the Christmas season. It is so much fun to order, decorate, and add all of these festive holiday pieces to my home this time of year. I have grown up making ornaments, gingerbread houses, and holiday cookies – so starting in November “crafting” is just another part of my Christmas tradition.

Some of the most detailed Christmas fairy houses I have seen have been modeled after a gingerbread home or Santa’s workshop, which means you get to have a little miniature North Pole as part of your celebrations. I love the idea of adding the North Pole to the fairy garden, because of all the pieces that are required to create that winter paradise. You do not just need Santa and his workshop; you need elves, toys, Christmas presents, and some penguins and signs to fill out the rest of the space. Planning a winter, wonderland miniature garden is so interesting, because in order to pull this off you need a big enough container to support all this holiday cheer. When you are creating your Christmas themed garden remember to include the little details that make your creation stand out, such as twinkle lights, snowmen, sleds, sleighs, reindeer, and fairies that bring you joy. Consider using white pebbles as a snowy-looking ground cover or add faux snow. This time of year is all about being thankful, celebrating with family, and crafting, crafting, crafting!

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