The Magic of a Gypsy Fairy Garden

A miniature fairy garden can start with the inspiration of a container, a theme, or a magical moment.

A miniature fairy garden can start with the inspiration of a container, a theme, or a magical moment.

A miniature fairy garden can start with the inspiration of a container, a theme, or a magical moment. I usually find a creative vision from the most unique things and the sources of my inspiration surprise me.  It may have been a movie with fairies from my childhood, a fairy tale reimagined as an adult or a book I grew up reading. The images from the stories greatly influence my creativity when I am planning my miniature gardens.

Throughout my life, some of the good stories started with tales of free spirited, wandering Gypsies and these stories made me lean towards designing Gypsy themed fairy gardens. Thinking about the magic and bright colors that are associated with Gypsies, I wanted to recreate the unique and expressive mood of this nomadic group of people.

When I think of a Romany camp, there is usually a big campfire surrounded by brightly colored Gypsy wagons. There is food cooking and music playing, and usually Gypsies dancing in the evening moonlight. It is hard to imagine there isn’t magic in these moments. In my mind, it is essentially a huge party surrounded by family and friends to celebrate the success of the day. The entire scene of the camp, gives me many fairy garden ideas.

When I started planning my Gypsy container garden, I wanted to make sure the pot was large in scale and that it came with enough personality to support the size of the miniscape I desired. I began by picking out a colorful and uniquely painted miniature Gypsy wagon to use as a fairy house. The wagons, in a variety of shapes and sizes, had artistic painted designs, which is typical for a Gypsy Caravan. While shopping for garden accessories, I looked for “light up” Gypsy signs, glowing mini bonfires, and colorful fairy friends that fit the personality of a Romany community.

A fun way to dress up any miniature garden is to add brightly colored flowers and fairy accessories. This is especially true when you are working on a garden that represents a group of people known for their magic, storytelling, and intriguing history!  There are multi-colored beaded curtains, hanging pennant signs, and solar powered glow sticks to give your fairy garden some personality at night as well as during the day.

This time of year, I love thinking about miniature, fairy garden kits that I can give to friends and family, so I can share one of my favorite crafts with those around me. I usually think about it as a “mini garden grab bag”. I want my gift to be creative and unique and something they can add to their home that spreads a sense of joy. There is something about Gypsies and magic that is loved by many people. Therefore, a free spirited miniature garden is a great gift to share with others. Who doesn’t want to add a little more magic into their lives?

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