The Meaning of Thanksgiving in the Fairy Garden

When I think about Thanksgiving, I dream of warm pies, mashed potatoes, and a day spent with our family.

When I think about Thanksgiving, I dream of warm pies, mashed potatoes, and a day spent with our family. When my oldest sister hosts the Thanksgiving dinner, she goes all out with fall decorations that make her home seem magical. In preparing for this year’s holiday, she has been busy planning a miniature garden in a harvest themed container. With my sister’s creative talents and all the available garden accessories, we are anxious to see the enchanted fairy garden that embraces a fall decor! We also wonder if our dad had any influence on her fairy garden design.

Our dad, being the history buff that he is, likes to remind all of us that this tradition started long ago in 1621 when the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest meal. This holiday festival is well known as the colonies first Thanksgiving celebration. I believe that when such an important historical event happened – it was a defining moment for our country and a day that we honor. Thanksgiving is a day to reflect on all that we have accomplished in the past year.

My favorite part of Thanksgiving is spending a whole day with loved ones, sharing stories, being thankful for the pleasing events that have happened, and feeling grateful my family has overcome the obstacles. I know I have to bounce from my family's celebration to my husband’s family celebration, but the car ride between the two homes is in filled with joking, love, and an appreciation for the large families we share.

You may be wondering how I am going to transition from celebrating a holiday with messages about the history of the day, a menu of tasty food, and a glimpse of my sister’s taste in decorations to posting, on the blog, a story about fairy gardens? The reason Thanksgiving is so important within miniature gardening is that fairies flourish from good energy – they love the harvest festival as much as we do, because it is a time to be grateful for the bounty in their lives. Therefore, when I am planning a miniature garden for fall, I will add fairy houses with many garden fairies in the yard. I personally love Gretchen the Fairy with her wagon full of pumpkins. The assortment of fairies will be dressed in orange, rust, yellow, and red tones that resemble the colors of falling leaves. To honor the historical events of this holiday, I will remember to dress up the containers with autumn themed garden accessories of pumpkins, turkeys, scarecrows, bales of straw, cornstalks, and harvest signs. In the center of the garden will be a bistro set and the fairies, sitting on the chairs, will be savoring the bounty arranged on the table. This gathering of fairies will resemble my family spending time together on Thanksgiving. My newly created miniature garden will be a thoughtful table decoration showing the appreciation for the holiday, while celebrating the memorable events of the year.

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