The Tale of Three Fairy Gardening Sisters

When I am planning a miniature garden, I want the space to tell a unique story that only I could dream about designing

When I am planning a miniature garden, I want the space to tell a unique story that only I could dream about designing. There are many miniscape options and fairy accessories to use, so when I am planning little gardens the tales to tell are endless. I know that I like to give each of my miniature gardens a story even if the miniscapes have not been inspired by personal real-life adventures. Although some of the gardening tales will connect to my imagination that mirror my own life or the dreams that I have. The story usually starts like any other fairytale…

“Once upon a time there were three beautiful, complicated, and unique sisters who lived together in a fairy house. The eldest fairy sister was smart, quick witted, and a skilled game player. The middle sister was sweet, unfailingly empathetic, and wise beyond her years. The youngest always had a book in her hand, had a hot temper, and a great love of animals. Together the three sisters, with all of their skills combined, could accomplish most tasks. Throughout their small, rural fairy community, they were beloved and respected.

Nevertheless, one day a smirking troll appeared in their enchanted forest and the colorful tiny plants, the fairy sisters grew throughout the miniature garden, threatened him. He did not like the cheerful fairy garden accessories. The sense of hope that the fairies, so easily conjured, was in perfect contrast to the goals of the troll who did not believe in happiness. He wanted to spread his malicious ideas and rule the entire fairyhood kingdom. This troll thought if he started with a small community of fairies, he would get a foothold in the kingdom and could turn all the fairies into dark, gray stones. In his twisted mind, the plan was foolproof.

He did not count on the resilience of the fairy garden sisters. It is a common trait among fairies that they cannot resist designing joyful miniature gardens. The troll sent the fairies a gardening dilemma hoping to lure the sisters into a trap, so he could turn them into stones, and take over this small fairyhood. However, in his yearning for power he did not notice the real problem. The fairy garden sisters knew of his plan.

The troll thought he had the perfect plan and lured the fairies into the dark forest to design an unsolvable miniscape, since he believed that flowers would not bloom in the shade and therefore the lack of joy would turn the fairies into gray statues. Once he snapped his plan into action – the winged sisters were already ready to outmaneuver their opponent. Even though a section of the fairy garden was left unplanted in the forest, unknown to the troll, the fairies hid a succulent miniature garden behind a fence. In shades of green with sprouts of flowers, this miniscape was impressive and lovely. The plan worked and the fairies were dancing and celebrating their victory. Now it was time to hide. As the enchanted forest became quiet, the dark spirited troll arrived to check his foolproof plan. To the troll’s surprise, the fairies appeared as the gate to the fence opened up and sunlight began to shine in the forest. The troll ended up caught in his own trap as the beauty of the miniature garden spread happiness to the fairyhood. The moral of the story is that you do not challenge the wisdom of three fairy sisters. The End.”

Three happy and joyful gardening friends I recently saw, who were clearly sisters, inspired this story. Once I saw them, I knew they deserved their own adventurous backstory. Once you see the strength of the fairies involved in your miniature garden, it is fun to create a small moment in their world. Selecting a plot of the garden and planting a miniscape in a prominent section near the walkway to my house, I would recreate a small fairy garden that shows off each sister’s skills and love of nature.

When I create a story just for my fairies, it becomes a secret only I know, and that makes the fairy garden ideas special. I know that I love using my imagination and creating a fairy tale garden.

Miniature Gardening' offers miniature plants, accessories, fairies, garden tools & dollhouse furniture to create enchanting miniature landscapes for containers or your yard. Story telling and imaginary fairy garden from 'Miniature Gardening' bring the playful kid out in all of us. Filled with intrigue and mystique each little miniature garden scene you create is a snapshot of such a dream.


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