Wine Bottles and Miniature Gardening

I think we all know that gardening and wine go hand in hand. After a long day spent working in your garden there

I think we all know that gardening and wine go hand in hand. After a long day spent working in your garden there is nothing more satisfying than a crisp glass of white or a sweet full-bodied glass of red. I have seen plenty of miniature gardening accessories that play with the idea of a table with a wine bottle and glasses resting upon it, implying that a party had recently taken place and our fairy guests had fled to escape prying human eyes. While I truly do appreciate these subtle homages to a fairy's fruity nectar, I believe that wine and miniature gardening can go together in a much more unconventional way. I am an avid wine enthusiast and I have attended many festivals around the twin cities, so I can taste the newest trending flavors and am able to share those new discoveries with my friends and families. It is the afterthought of, "What can I do with the bottles" that sparked my interest in designing fairy houses.

When I am looking at a collection of bottles though, the thing that truly strikes me is the fact that they are all completely different in shape, color and size. The marketing department of each specific wine has taken steps to make their product stands out among a sea of similar bottles. It is easy enough to remove labels and there are many tutorials online. Anyone who loves gardening has seen wine bottles converted into tiki torches, wind chimes and DIY water fountains. I cannot help but be very impressed with all of these ideas, but when it comes to miniature gardening these glass bottles seem to be oversized.

When I say we want to use wine bottles in our fairy gardens - I mean to use them as gnome and fairies houses with the slim spout of the bottle inserted in the ground like an anchor. I would feel free to add doors, windows, or paths made of small stone leading up to the bottles. Silicone works well to adhere the accessories to the glass bottles. If there was a large space, I could use multiple bottles next to each other, with varying heights and in close proximity to one another to create a very unique and spectacular 'Fairy City'. While placing the bottles in position, I would not overlook the fact that these bottles can look similar to high rises in a downtown area and the more space, the more fairies I could add to my scene. Looking at wine bottles as large buildings can lead a person down the path to thinking about how one could use different shaped bottles to create other large structures, such as a castle - in honor of all the fairy tales that have inspired gardeners on multiple occasions. Play up the rest of the space with miniature plants to create a lush enchanted forest to the side of the castle or 'Fairy City'.

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