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Maintaining Trees On Your Property

224 views |14 August / 2013, Home Improvement/Gardening by Rodney Melvin, C-

Trees are seen as a permanent and immovable fixture in many yards around the country. Because of this attitude, the correct care and maintenance of these trees is neglected. Having such a blasé attitude tow ...

Learning a Bit More About Tree Removal

215 views |16 July / 2013, Home Improvement/Gardening by Rodney Melvin, C-

If you have a wide number of trees in your property that you would like to get rid of, this is something that should always be approached very carefully, since there are a number of dangers to effective tree ...

Investing in Carbon Filters

325 views |28 June / 2013, Home Improvement/Gardening by Stephen Castaneda, D

If you are looking to purchase new carbon filters, it will be extremely important that you look into some of the different companies that sell them. Before you make a final purchase of any kind, it will be c ...

Setting Up an Artificial Grass Lawn

302 views |20 June / 2013, Home Improvement/Gardening by Keegan, N/A

There are certainly a number of considerable advantages to having an artificial lawn. With a lawn made from synthetic grass rather than actual live turf, it is possible to avoid having to water the garden re ...

Improve Your Lawn For Free, Can Seaweed Help Your Lawn To Grow?

312 views |17 June / 2013, Home Improvement/Gardening by Rowan, N/A

If you are keen on maintaining your lawn and improving its appearance, you've likely seen lawn-care products in your local supermarket, garden center or even online that are advertised as seaweed-based liqui ...

Drainage Drama

236 views |7 June / 2013, Home Improvement/Gardening by Brennen, N/A

Even though humans have been devising methods of moving water around since Roman times, this art has still not been perfected. Every day, somewhere, a drain or sewer becomes partially or completely blocked. ...

Choosing a Local Business for Tree Felling Services

318 views |30 May / 2013, Home Improvement/Gardening by Rodney Melvin, C-

If you are in need of tree felling or removal services, you will want to make a point of selecting the very best business to match your needs exactly. You will of course need to make an effort to choose a lo ...

Six Essential Garden Tools

558 views |28 May / 2013, Home Improvement/Gardening by Joaquin, N/A

Garden tools will help you to keep your garden looking beautifully manicured at all times. They can be used to mow grass, trim branches, prune hedges, remove weeds, rake leaves and so much more. There are so ...

Easy Compost for Your Garden – The Different Types

230 views |26 May / 2013, Home Improvement/Gardening by Hugo, N/A

Gone are the days when you had to take tiring trips to gardening stores to buy compost for your garden. These days, you don't even have to deal with the compost pit, regularly stirring the decaying mixture o ...

Plan a Beautiful Yard with the Help of Plant Nurseries

724 views |16 March / 2013, Home Improvement/Gardening by Jeremy Maki, N/A

As spring approaches people’s thoughts turn to spending more time outdoors. Doing so usually includes planting trees and flowers and beautifying the backyard. Novice and experienced gardeners alike can ...

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