5 Things To Remember When Shopping For Apartment Furniture

Most apartments can't fit all of the furniture you might want, so before you head out shopping, make a list of the essential items that you can't live without.

When you move into a new place, one of your first major tasks is often going out to purchase all of the additional apartment furniture you need. Shopping can be an exhausting process if you do not prepare in advance and keep some basic principles in mind throughout the process.

1. Know Your Essentials

Most apartments can't fit all of the furniture you might want, so before you head out shopping, make a list of the essential items that you can't live without. Each person's choices of essential apartment furnishings might be a little different because it depends on what you value. For example, some people need a big couch and entertainment center in the main living area, whereas others would rather fill the space with a big dining table and a couple of comfy armchairs for reading.

2. Measure Up   

Once you know what you want to put in the apartment, measure the space you have and determine how large your furniture can be. Know the ideal length, depth, and height for each item on your list of essentials, and also the maximum that you could fit into your space. Try to not get furniture that is too large because it makes the space feel more cramped than it needs to.

3. Consider Doorways

Even if your furniture will not be too big for the space in your apartment, it still may be too big for the doorways it has to pass through. The most difficult pieces are usually couches and large dressers. Therefore, measure each piece you want to buy and consider whether its smallest dimension will fit through your doorway. Also be wary of long items if you have tight corners, especially if you have to go up a stairwell that doubles back on itself.

4. Coordinate Colors

Your apartment furnishings will look more cohesive if they all follow the same basic color scheme. Decide on your color palette and stick to it with everything you buy. This gives you more versatility for moving pieces between rooms at a later date. For example, you might choose to purchase dark wood furniture and focus on blues for the fabrics and accent pieces.

5. Be Flexible

Even though it's good to have a plan, you should also have an open mind when you are actually out shopping for apartment furniture. If you are at a consignment store and see something that calls to you, go ahead and buy it, but just make sure to adjust your plan in light of your purchase.

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