Instructions to Replace A Water Heater Thermostat

Since most electric water radiators utilize both an upper and lower component, the procedure diagram underneath is for them

Most electric water radiators made today utilize a double component framework. More established units and some little models as yet being produced utilize a solitary component. For every component, the unit requires a coordinating indoor regulator, so double component units have two indoor regulators, and single component models just a single. At the point when supplanting one indoor regulator, it is a smart thought to simply go ahead and supplant both the upper and lower indoor regulators.

Testing the Thermostats on a Dual Element Water Heater

Since most electric water radiators utilize both an upper and lower component, the procedure diagram underneath is for them. To test, you will require a multimeter and screwdriver. You can get a decent cheap multimeter on the web or any neighborhood handyman shop.

Testing upper indoor regulator:

1. Turn off the ability to the water warmer.

2. Remove the get to boards to the components alongside the protection underneath.

3. Use a screwdriver to set the upper indoor regulator to its most noteworthy setting.

4. Set the lower indoor regulator to its least setting.

5. Turn the ability to the water radiator back on.

6. Make beyond any doubt there is voltage coming into the water radiator by checking the 2 wires over the reset catch. It ought to peruse 240 volts.

7.  Use your multimeter to check for power on the upper component terminal screws. On the off chance that no power, this indoor regulator is awful and should be supplanted. On the off chance that there is power, test the lower indoor regulator.

Testing lower indoor regulator:

1. Set the upper indoor regulator to its most minimal setting.

2. Set the lower indoor regulator to its most elevated setting.

3. Make beyond any doubt there is voltage on the lower component. In the event that the multimeter demonstrates control at the component, permit a couple of minutes for the water to warm up.

Lower the temperature on this indoor regulator and sit tight for a capable of being heard snap which demonstrates the indoor regulator is working accurately.

4. If there is no voltage at the component, test the lower indoor regulator for power.

Place one of the multimeter tests on the top contact screw and the other test on the metal packaging of the water tank. It ought to demonstrate a perusing of ~120 volts.

If there is no perusing, the upper indoor regulator will require supplanting since it gives voltage to the lower indoor regulator.

If there is a perusing, put one test on the lower contact screw and the other test on the metal packaging of the water tank. It ought to indicate approx. 120 volts. If not, the lower indoor regulator should be supplanted.

Electric Water Heater Thermostat Replacement

1. Always disengage the power or close off the breaker before doing any work on a water warmer. To change indoor regulators, you should expel the get to board and wellbeing spread (do this for both upper and lower get to boards on double component units). For wellbeing, utilize a voltage meter to make certain the power is off. Make a straightforward graph of how the wires are associated with the outline. Expel the wires from the indoor regulator.

2. Thermostats are held set up by an uncommon section that holds it immovably against the tank, permitting the indoor regulator to detect the inward water temperature. Tenderly pry out one side of the section while contorting that side of the indoor regulator upwards to keep the section from securing once more. Rehash for the opposite side. Rehash for the lower indoor regulator on double component models.

3. Take the old thermostat(s) with you to buy a substitution. While most indoor regulators are tradable, the best outcomes originate from precisely coordinating the segments.

4. If the section was harmed amid indoor regulator expulsion, you can get a substitution section also. The old section can be pried upward to expel it and the new one can be put level against the tank and slid descending until it bolt into the right spot.

5. Replace every indoor regulator by sliding it equally descending into the holding section until it secures. Supplant the wiring precisely as it was expelled. Supplant the wellbeing cover(s) and get to panel(s). Reestablish control and permit the water radiator to labor for one hour before testing the boiling point water.

Gas Water Heater Thermostat Replacement

Gas water warmers utilize an alternate sort of indoor regulator framework. On most gas water warmers, the gas control valve, which incorporates both an indoor regulator and a warmth restricting gadget, are situated on the outside of the unit, close to the base. It can be distinguished as the part with the controls for temperature and the pilot light. In the event that the indoor regulator on a gas water warmer turns sour, you should supplant the gas control valve segment.

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