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How to Plan to Care for Elderly at Home

432 views |30 August / 2014, Home and Family/Elderly Care by AntonyCruz, N/A

Having sick parents or grandparents puts a strain on the family as his or her care is in your hands. However, just as your parents or grandparents have taken care of you when you were a tiny toddler, it is e ...

How to Make Life Easier for Your Elderly Relatives

362 views |29 March / 2013, Home and Family/Elderly Care by Leonardo, N/A

As our relatives get older it can be very difficult to come to terms with the changes they're going through. If these are parents or other family members we have known a long time, then we will probably have ...

Alzheimer's Home Care

421 views |18 February / 2013, Home and Family/Elderly Care by John michel, N/A

Providing home care to someone with Alzheimer's can be difficult. As the disease progresses, it can be saddening and confusing. As you begin the home care journey, you don't know what you're getting involved ...

Grieve As You Go

452 views |7 December / 2012, Home and Family/Elderly Care by John michel, N/A

When you have a loved one who requires dementia care, there are always surprises ahead. While there can be difficult times ahead, this can also be an opportunity. As hard as life with Granddaddy sometimes wa ...

You Should Consider Specialized Homecare Services!

434 views |9 June / 2012, Home and Family/Elderly Care by Steve, D

Private duty care is a service provided by homecare facilities to individuals who have trouble taking care of themselves. The service is provided in the client's homes by skilled or trained professionals so ...

Aging at Home

1,041 views |7 February / 2012, Home and Family/Elderly Care by Mae Parker, N/A

When I see elderly people in the grocery store or around town, I often try to remove the wrinkles, darken the hair, and imagine that person in their prime.  Most likely, that is how they still see themselve ...

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