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Better Photo Tips - Street Photography

499 views |24 October / 2014, Hobbies/Photography by Carolyn Renteria, N/A

To get a year, then the foreigner visited Korea for a lot of years when shooting grownups this appeared to function fine. For some odd reason it looks a whole lot more difficult to train a man, if you don't ...

Exotic Wedding Destinations and Photos in Modern Day Marriages

511 views |17 May / 2014, Hobbies/Photography by Kevin Franco, N/A

Wedding unites two different souls for a lifetime. It marks the beginning of a new ‘life of togetherness’ for the bride and the groom, and there is every reason as to why a wedding should be reckoned as ...

Know More about Andreas Gursky

537 views |2 May / 2014, Hobbies/Photography by Timothy Silver, N/A

"Vision is an intelligent form of thought"- Andreas Gursky Andreas Gursky is a German visual artist famous for showing the heart of our global, expensive, high-tech world: stock exchanges, hippodrome ...

Consider Yolo Photos for your Special Event

568 views |4 December / 2013, Hobbies/Photography by Daniel J. Patterson, N/A

Memories form an important aspect of the human brain. Good memories are always associated with that of sheer happiness and bliss. If you have a party, get together or even a wedding, consider investing in ph ...

Demystifying the Five Most Popular Photography Myths

766 views |5 February / 2013, Hobbies/Photography by Giovanni, N/A

Oftentimes, photography is an art that can be mastered by any and every one. Digital cameras have changed the face of photography, and have brought the object in good reach of the layman. With almost every p ...

Makeup and Photoshop or Photoshop-makeup!

770 views |17 August / 2012, Hobbies/Photography by Sams Larry, N/A

For over 6 thousand years, women have been using makeup. Originating in Egypt, eye makeup was thought to protect against evil, but quickly turned into a beauty enhancement product, favored by nobles and peas ...

The Beauty of Street & Grunge Wedding Photography

776 views |17 August / 2012, Hobbies/Photography by Sams Larry, N/A

Street photography is one of the oldest forms of photo documentation. In essence, it is the way of the photojournalist; to capture moments and people without them even knowing it. Timing is everything and th ...

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