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A Beginners Guide to Die Cast Models

877 views |7 June / 2013, Hobbies/Collecting by Keagan Gill, N/A

Whether you want to relive some childhood memories, or you just enjoy collecting interesting things, die cast models could be just the thing for you! There has been a community of avid die cast model collect ...

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Collecting Model Cars.

750 views |4 February / 2013, Hobbies/Collecting by Keagan Gill, N/A

As humans, we love to collect things, and these things are usually of a personal taste. Some of us love to collect stamps; others enjoy a vast collection of coins. In fact this type of behavior is one of the ...

Are Antiques Your Thing? Be Smart, Shop Online!

827 views |31 October / 2012, Hobbies/Collecting by Malcolm Leach, N/A

Everyone has a knack for something. Whether it's sports memorabilia, stamps, coins, or anything else you can think of – people love to obsess over certain types of things and devote a lot of time to explor ...

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