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Vitamin C Deficiency & Symptoms

161 views |7 May / 2016, Health/Nutrition by Peter Dobie, C-

A person who is suffering from a vitamin C deficiency usually develops a wide range of symptoms. Here are some of the most common symptoms which indicate directly towards the shortage of Vitamin C in ...

Healthy Food Websites: Your Next Step to Wellness

265 views |20 August / 2015, Health/Nutrition by Dexter Brown, N/A

Lifestyle diseases occur as a result of change in living habits. A few causes of these illnesses include long work hours, lack of sufficient physical activity, consumption of junk food etc.Alteri ...

Scientific Studies About Food Prove Nothing

185 views |27 March / 2015, Health/Nutrition by Connie H Deutsch, C+

Scientific Studies About Food Prove Nothingby Connie H. Deutsch I just read an article that had me chuckling.  It said that as you age, you lose not only your eyesight and hearing, but al ...

Many Health Benefits of Green Juice Recipe

193 views |22 December / 2014, Health/Nutrition by JohnyBravo, N/A

Every person wants to live a healthy life. When it comes to keeping your health in check it is wise you follow a certain diet. Your health is largely dependent on what you have early in the morning. Instead ...

Diet Plan for Pregnant Woman

262 views |16 June / 2014, Health/Nutrition by dietkundali, N/A

Optimal Nutrition during pregnancy is very important. A well-nourished woman has good reserves of nutrients that are needed for the growing fetus as well as her own health. A well-nourished fetus has good pr ...

Antioxidants and Health

333 views |20 May / 2014, Health/Nutrition by dietkundali, N/A

Antioxidants are compounds which prevent oxidation. e.g.- apple turning brown after cutting, Potato turning brown after cutting.Oxidation leads to degenerative changes in our body producing free ...

5 All-Natural Snack Ideas for Diabetic Patients

389 views |21 May / 2013, Health/Nutrition by Sidney, N/A

Got a craving for munching on snacks loaded with fat, but are desperate to control your blood sugar level? Then this article is for you. In the on-going struggle to keep check on blood sugar level, diabetic ...

How to Enjoy a Better Quality of Life in Older Age

453 views |28 March / 2013, Health/Nutrition by Efrain Espinoza, N/A

Getting older can be quite a scary experience for those of us going through the process. Of course as we get older we draw nearer the ends of our lives, but for many that's not the most scary part. Rather if ...

What Are the Benefits of Salt Inhalers?

368 views |28 March / 2013, Health/Nutrition by Efrain Espinoza, N/A

If you want to improve your health and vitality as you reach an older age then there are various things you can do. Many people will recommend keeping mentally and physically active, so signing up to a gym a ...

Getting Enough Protein for Lactose Intolerant Athletes

382 views |9 March / 2013, Health/Nutrition by Felix, D

When they say you 'are what you eat' this is probably a lot more literal than most people assume. While what you eat of course affects your health and your wellbeing generally, when you eat protein you eat t ...

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