Quintessential Safety Measures For Homes & Offices

A home or office must be adequately secured to thwart attempts of theft and robbery.

A home or office must be adequately secured to thwart attempts of theft and robbery.

A home or office must be adequately secured to thwart attempts of theft and robbery. The property should also be safe for the residents or occupants respectively. Safety has to be multipronged and that is why holistic risk assessments become imperative. Every homeowner and commercial property owner or manager should consult health and safety consultants to ensure impeccability.

  • A property must have good quality locks. Every entry or possible entry and exit or possible exit point should be locked. Doors and windows should be properly bolted. There should be premium locks on main doors and reliable locks on windows as well. Structurally damaged doors and windows must be attended to at the earliest. Locks and keys should be used wisely. They must be upgraded timely and new keys should be made if there is a possibility of old keys getting compromised or duplicated. There should be timely upgrades of emergency exit doors so they remain easily functional and do not go kaput when a crisis breaks out.

  • A property should have relatively uncluttered surroundings. Bushes, dark spots and any kind of large appliance can provide cover or refuge for thieves. The obstacles will also make evacuation difficult should there be a fire or any kind of emergency that will require people in the property to rush out to safety. Every property has some weak spots. These should be assessed. There are sheds, lawns, backyard, garage and driveway among others that require properly lighting. The immediate surroundings and the entry/exit points should be monitored. There should be a state of the art alarm system. A reliable alarm system with real time surveillance is imperative in some cases.

  • One of the most significant security aspects is fire safety followed by water safety. A property cannot be fireproof. There are roofs that resist fire, there are building materials that are less inflammable than others but there is no material that you can use which will not catch fire at all. Even stone clad fireplaces that don’t catch fire will not prevent the spread of fire or extinguish it on its own. The same can be said for water. While you can use building materials that are relatively waterproof or will not get damaged by water, that would not help you when there is flooding or standing water due to a crisis. You need safe exits and effective responsive measures when a fire breaks out or there is a water crisis. CDM consultants can conduct the necessary risk assessments you would need.

RHSS Ltd is a multi-disciplined Health, Safety and Fire Consultancy serving London and the South East. They pride themselves on offering a professional and friendly service to each of their clients and this is demonstrated through their loyal client base.  Their core philosophy is to provide sensible, compliant and practical advice/support to our clients at all times.

For further information, contact RHSS Ltd at risk assessments, health and safety consultants.


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