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Stairlifts And Their Basic Advantages

452 views |5 April / 2013, Health/Disabilities by Rob Rodricks, D

Mobility is crucial for old people who are unable to move to and fro without assistance. A stair lift is a fantastic motorized device which can be installed on home staircases to ...

Smart Mobility With Curved Stairlifts

443 views |26 April / 2013, Health/Disabilities by Rob Rodricks, D

Independence at home is a priceless thing, and stairlifts are a huge investment to gain that independence. One needs to look into their own budgets though before investing in straight stairlifts or curved st ...

Curved Stairlifts: The Freedom And Independence

446 views |14 June / 2013, Health/Disabilities by Rob Rodricks, D

Curved stairlifts go a long way to realize your independence at home. One needs to think practically and allocate a certain budget to invest in curved stairlifts. With the help of stairlifts, one can live wi ...

Curved Stairlifts - Why Do You Need Them?

441 views |7 August / 2013, Health/Disabilities by Rob Rodricks, D

Wheelchair users who are afflicted by limited mobility are always game for having curved stairlifts in their homes since it is huge struggle for them to go up and down the stairs. One of the biggest benefits ...

Advantages Offered By Stairlifts To The Society

368 views |5 September / 2013, Health/Disabilities by Rob Rodricks, D

In the earlier days when a loved one was not able to commute independently, wheelchairs were widely used. But they did not solve the problem when one wanted to move from ground f ...

The Design of the Typical Stairlift

404 views |12 July / 2013, Health/Disabilities by Rob Rodricks, D

Stairs can prove to be extremely dangerous and immensely problematic for old people to navigate, and even the people suffering from disability or mobility problem are confined to a single floor in the house. ...

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