Why Dental Implants are Important after Tooth Loss

Tooth loss brings about numerous changes in a person’s life.

Tooth loss brings about numerous changes in a person’s life. The appearance of the smile drastically changes as soon as natural teeth are lost, regardless of the number of lost teeth. The face instantly takes on a much older, unhealthier countenance with missing teeth. The smile’s function is also greatly affected by tooth loss. Meal times become difficult and painful as the patient is forced to use the gums to chew and cut food. On the other hand, speaking clearly may become a challenge with the toothless spaces hindering clear pronunciation of words.

Dental implants are ideal for solving missing teeth problems. These are titanium roots that are embedded into the jawbone to replace the function of the lost tooth roots. Without the natural tooth roots, the jawbone will experience a continuous deterioration, resulting in the bone becoming progressively thinner with the passage of more time. Replacing the lost tooth roots with implants helps prevent problems associated with bone deterioration, and can help stop its progression to maintain good bone quality. After a healing period, the implants are then attached to teeth replacements such as dental crowns or a dental bridge to restore the normal form & function of the smile.

An implant treatment will have great benefits when it comes to improving a smile damaged by tooth loss. When multiple teeth go missing, unsightly spaces are left in between the remaining healthy teeth. In cases when all of the teeth are lost due to a variety of reasons, the entire mouth is left looking empty without any teeth left inside. Regardless of the number of teeth lost, implants can restore the aesthetics of a smile. The titanium tooth roots are connected to either dental crowns or a fixed bridge to close the toothless gaps, making the smile look complete and healthy once more.

Functional problems brought by missing teeth are also solved with the help of dental implants. After the implants are placed and the teeth replacements are attached, the patient will then be able to enjoy mealtimes again without discomfort. Chewing, biting, and cutting food can be done normally and painlessly with the help of dental implants that feel like natural teeth. In some cases, the biting strength may even be improved by the implant treatment. Clear speech will also be brought back with the help of implants, which will close off the gaps caused by missing teeth to make it easy to pronounce words and sounds in a normal manner.

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