Things to Consider when Smile Designing

Smile is an individual’s way of expressing their emotions, for which the movement and structure lips.

Smile is an individual’s way of expressing their emotions, for which the movement and structure lips and teeth play an important role.   The teeth are important constituents to make ones’ smile look good. If the teeth are stained broken, chipped or crooked, the person feels embarrassed amid social set up. Along with the teeth, the lip line, and shape of the mouth together make the person's smile. When you visit a dentist specializing in cosmetic dentistry, they will consider the following aspects while judging if you need cosmetics surgery – smile designing.

People having the following issues may be advised for smile designing.

Natural colour of the teeth

Colour of the teeth is important to make your smile important. To enhance the colour you may be advised for dental filling (silver or amalgam filling). You may also be advised for teeth whitening. Teeth colour is also important for checking for porcelain veneers, bridges and crowns and dental implants.

Missing teeth

One or multiple teeth missing can lead to an ugly smile, which can make people get repelled. Further, it would also affect biting food for eating, and carries the risk of dental decay. The missing teeth can be replaced by bridges, implants or partial dentures.

Improper spacing and alignment

Teeth with space between them crooked or overlapping can be made correct by straightening by orthodontics procedure or other advanced procedure.

Damaged cracked teeth

Uneven, cracked or chipped teeth can be bonded for better cosmetic appearance. Gummy smile can also be treated by making proper appropriate corrections.

Texture of teeth

Texture of teeth is an important factor of enhanced smile. The crowns and veneers can be used such that they create smile according to the gender of the person. They will also present an enhanced look of the person.

Tooth ratios

Tooth ratio is also an important factor for enhancing smile. For a pleasant smile the teeth in the center are prominent and should have width-length ration 4 is to five. If the ratio is not matching smile designing is recommended.

Length of teeth

Length of teeth gives a positive advantage for an enhanced smile. As you age, there will be increased wear and tear of the teeth from different conditions leading to shorter teeth. Further, if your smile is gummy it may make your teeth look shorter.

Smile designing for shorter teeth might include lengthening and reshaping the front central teeth using porcelain veneers or composite bonding. The dentist may advice for modification of the gum line and lengthening the teeth in case you have gummy smile. Smile is a natural gift. It cannot be replaced. However, with proper diagnosis by the cosmetic dentist, it cannot be remarkably improved, and thus help the person get acceptance among society.

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