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Materials used for Bone Grafting

320 views |8 July / 2014, Health/Dental Care by Dr Azhar Sheikh, C-

Bone grafting is an advanced technique which is done to improve or change the volume or shape of the jawbone, and is usually done as a preparation for a dental implant treatment. The bone graft is needed whe ...

Dental Implant Treatment Process

220 views |30 June / 2014, Health/Dental Care by Henry M Cook, C-

The dental implant treatment process involves a few steps apart from the actual placement of implants into the jawbone. Getting missing teeth solutions towards an improved smile will usually include the foll ...

Dental Implants to Solve Denture Problems

240 views |27 June / 2014, Health/Dental Care by Susan Taylor, C-

Dental implants are ideal solutions to missing teeth problems, because these artificial tooth roots – along with teeth restorations – replace the form and function of lost natural teeth. Implants restore ...

Dental Porcelain Veneers As Means Of Aesthetic Appearance

276 views |11 June / 2014, Health/Dental Care by Dr. Anurag, N/A

Cosmetic changes in the appearances of teeth can be possible to be carried out in a dental set up. To enable this to happen, there are many procedures, collectively called as cosmetic dentistry and can be ca ...

What is involved in a Smile Makeover?

304 views |9 June / 2014, Health/Dental Care by Patrick Lazonby, N/A

A smile makeover is composed of two or more cosmetic dentistry procedures with the aim of improving all the aspects of a smile. There are times when a single cosmetic dentistry treatment is not enough to sol ...

Why should You Consider All on 4 Dental Implants?

234 views |7 June / 2014, Health/Dental Care by Henry M Cook, C-

All on 4 dental implants refer to the method of placing four dental implants to replace the teeth in a given arch (the upper or the lower arch of teeth). These four implants are strategically placed in speci ...

Dentists Help Take Care of Oral Health

194 views |6 June / 2014, Health/Dental Care by CustomDentures, N/A

Maintaining oral health is essential, as teeth are one of the most important parts of body. People should always take proper care of them and go periodically for dental checkups. If one fails ...

Mini Implants for Confident Denture Use

213 views |4 June / 2014, Health/Dental Care by Susan Taylor, C-

Dentures quickly replace the form and function of a few or all missing teeth, and can restore the healthy appearance of a smile. However, removable dentures will eventually lose their comfortable fit as time ...

Managing Dental Emergencies while Playing Sports

226 views |3 June / 2014, Health/Dental Care by Dr. Lisa Newkirk, N/A

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare: having their teeth fall out. Unfortunately, if you play sports, even with a mouth guard in, you are at risk for having a dental emergency that can involve having teeth kn ...

Cosmetic Dentistry for Overall Dental and Facial Appearance

305 views |2 June / 2014, Health/Dental Care by Dr.Anurag Singh, N/A

Dental practice has come far off from the previous perceptions of extraction as the sole means of getting rid of serious problems of the teeth. Dentists are advising their patients to go in for cosmetic dent ...

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