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Clear Your Myths About Cell Phone Radiation

385 views |4 December / 2014, Health/Cancer by Hemant Baral, N/A

Pick up a consumer magazine or log on to any online news channel, you'll read about this one frightening news, claiming cell phone radiation is dangerous, perhaps causing brain tumours or other cancers, mayb ...

Dental Education - Risk Factors of Oral Cancer

5,113 views |10 June / 2013, Health/Cancer by Karen McDonagh, D

Risk factors include all things which increase the likelihood of developing a disease. There isn’t any question that specific behaviors may increase your chance of developing oral cancer. One of the greate ...

Breast Cancer - The Silent Killer

549 views |1 February / 2013, Health/Cancer by Nehal Anand, N/A

What is breast cancer? Breast cells become abnormal sometimes. These abnormal cells grow, divide and create new cells that the body doesn’t need and that do not function. These new cells form a mas ...

Cancer of the Kidney: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

577 views |12 June / 2012, Health/Cancer by Pete Jameson, N/A

Estimates by the American Cancer Society indicate that about 64,770 people were diagnosed with cancer of the kidney in 2012, and about 13,570 people succumbed to this deadly disease. Cancer of the kidney i ...

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