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The Clay Oven: Excellent Asian Wedding Caterers

544 views |19 August / 2014, Food and Beverage/Restaurant Reviews by Charles Matthews, N/A

A traditional Indian wedding reception is elaborate, grand and extravagant and it is not uncommon to see four or more stations of chefs preparing the food for the guests. Of course, the actual type of dishes ...

Casual Dining in Melbourne

375 views |31 May / 2013, Food and Beverage/Restaurant Reviews by Keaton, N/A

When you are looking for the very best place for casual dining in Melbourne, it will be necessary to spend some time looking through the various options which you are going to have. There will be quite a few ...

Going Out to Find a Great Restaurant

369 views |17 April / 2013, Food and Beverage/Restaurant Reviews by Jace, N/A

In the event that you have recently moved to this new town and you are quite keen on the idea of heading out for some nice food, there are a lot of things you may want to keep in mind first, and taking the t ...

Popular Beers and Wines Served in Australian Pubs

495 views |24 January / 2013, Food and Beverage/Restaurant Reviews by Drake Schroeder, N/A

Having a drink at a bar or a pub is a great way to catch up with friends and family. With so many different types of beer and wine often available on the menu, it can be a hard task to know what to choose. T ...

Choosing the Best Brighton Restaurant

421 views |7 December / 2012, Food and Beverage/Restaurant Reviews by Jace, N/A

When it comes to finding a nice place to enjoy a meal out on the town, you can be sure that there are numerous options available. Some people are quite adventurous when choosing a place to eat a good meal, b ...

How to Enjoy a Delicious Meal at a Bar and Grill That's Still Healthy

451 views |10 October / 2012, Food and Beverage/Restaurant Reviews by Stefan Sellers, N/A

Grill bars are a great place to get burgers and other satisfying meals. When we find ourselves really hungry and craving something good to eat, this is one of the very best options available to us. There is ...

Give a Good Restaurant Review to your Friends

992 views |26 January / 2011, Food and Beverage/Restaurant Reviews by Jess Gaughran, N/A

Ever wonder what to look for in a restaurant? Here’s a simple guide on how to evaluate your experience. Humans are creatures of habit. We have very personal ideas of what we love ...

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