What To Look For In A Beer Fridge?

A mini bar in your home is incomplete without a beer fridge. Most kinds of beer taste better if they are chilled to a certain temperature.

A mini bar in your home is incomplete without a beer fridge. Most kinds of beer taste better if they are chilled to a certain temperature. Therefore, beer fridges are a great addition to your home to ensure that your guests are treated to some chilled beer anytime. Beer fridges are completely different from regular kitchen refrigerators in many ways, such as design, dimension and temperature settings. It may not be a very good idea to crowd your regular refrigerator with bottles of beer. Even if you did, you may not be able to store beer bottles and cans the way they need to be stored. Therefore, investing in a beer fridge is a great idea to give your beer cans and bottles the perfect storage space and the exact temperature to enhance the taste of your beer.

Different Kinds of Beer Fridges:

· Glass Door Beer Fridges: are ideal for use in bars and restaurants. The transparent door allows full view of the different kinds of beers stored in the fridge. However, you can also use it in your home, since they are quite attractive and you will be able to replenish your beer fridge when you are running low on your beer supply.

· Mini Beer Fridges: are small in appearance and size and are also much cheaper compared to glass door beer fridges.

· Six Can Mini Beer Fridges: are small portable beer fridges with 12V power and holds six beer cans. Its portability feature makes it perfect for picnics, camping and traveling.

Things to Consider Before Buying Beer Fridges:

Beer Fridges are good investment if you are used to hosting parties on a regular basis. Beer fridges are designed to provide the right storage and temperature for beer. While these can be placed in your mini bar, the portable beer fridges can be carried along in the car or moved to the garden. Keep in mind the following factors while buying beer fridges

· Capacity

· Type

· Temperature options

· Noise

· Additional features

· Color and finish

· Budget

Tips for Buying the Perfect Beer Fridge:

· Buy two zone cooling beer fridges to help you store high gravity and low gravity beers appropriately in order to get the best taste.

· Buy beer fridges with customizable/removable or adjustable shelves to store different sized beer bottles.

· Choose an opaque or smoked glass door beer fridge, since beers exposed to light spoil faster.

· Buy a beer fridge with lock, especially if you have toddlers and kids at home.


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