6 Steps to the Best Car Insurance Deal

This article provides six easy steps you can take for getting the best possible deal on car insurance.

Getting the best deal on car insurance is something that most consumers hope for. A great deal will have an affordable monthly premium and more than enough coverage to protect you in the event of an accident. The following are six steps that you must take when you begin your search for the best possible deal on car insurance.

Reevaluate your needs

Have your needs changed since you first purchased your car insurance policy? Over 33 percent of motorists automatically renew their policies without reevaluating their needs. You could be throwing money down the drain if you’re guilty of auto-renewing your policy. Consider the changes in your life that would warrant a change in your insurance plan. A new addition to your family and the purchase of a new car are just a few things to take into account. In addition to reviewing your basic coverage, check on your optional coverage to take off the ones you no longer need. Tip: If you’re unsure what car insurance is best, you can discuss your needs with an agent who will be able to guide your decision.

Ask for discounts

Before you decide to switch your coverage to another insurance provider, you’ll want to see what kind of discounts your current company can offer. It never hurts to find out if you can get a better deal than the one you have right now. Just remember that if you were to leave your current company, you would lose out on longevity discounts. So before you make the choice to switch car insurance providers, you need to see what kind of discounts your current company can offer.  

Compare like-for-like cover

Your comparison shopping must compare similar policies. You’ll first need to know what type and how much coverage you have before you begin searching for deals at other companies. Only then will your results truly reveal how other companies stack up to your current insurer. So once you understand your current plan, make sure that the quotes from other providers are based on the same deductibles and limits.

Get accurate quotes

The Internet makes it possible to obtain instant quotes. Although they’re convenient, an instant quote should only serve as a guideline, not form the basis for your decision to switch companies. To provide a more accurate quote, the insurance company will need more information about you and the vehicle you drive. Provide detailed information such as your age, geographic location, make and model of your vehicle, the vehicle’s age, amount of coverage you need, and all the other variables to all the potential companies. This will ensure that they present a quote that will outline realistic premiums. Only then will you be in a position to decide whether it’s worth your while to switch companies.

Check the insurer’s reputation
All motorists hope that they’ll never have to file a claim. But accidents are unavoidable, so check the insurer’s reputation to make sure they deliver when you need it most. You might pay your policy for many years before you ever file a claim, but it’s important that the company stands by your side for the times you do. Find out all you can about the new insurer, especially if they’re not a well-known brand. Look for patterns in the complaint ratios and read reviews to see what other customers say about their experience with the company.

If you find the company on the internet, check to see if the provider is permitted to do business in your area before you sign the contract. Finally, research the financial stability of the insurer because they must have the resources to cover your claims.

Check for continuous coverage

Your transition from one provider to the next must be completed without any breaks in your insurance policies. Review your current policy to find the end date and make sure that your new policy takes effect before or as soon as the old one ends. Do not terminate your policy before the replacement policy takes effect. Continuous coverage must be maintained throughout the transaction.

Tip: Switching policies mid-term may be one solution to eliminate the chance of a policy lapse when switching insurance providers.

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