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Finding a Tutor in Brisbane

484 views |28 June / 2013, Education/Tutoring by Dustin Kerr, D

If your child is in need of a tutor, it will be important that you look for the best one in the area. Those who are looking to find a tutor in Brisbane will want to take the time to first go online and see w ...

Driving Instructor Training – Parts 1 and 2

433 views |12 January / 2013, Education/Tutoring by Jason Vines, N/A

The instructor training process is in three parts. Each of which you have 3 attempts in which to pass before you must start the application process again – but only once a year has passed since you last ap ...

Taking Responsibility – Learning to Drive

361 views |12 January / 2013, Education/Tutoring by Jason Vines, N/A

During the last few weeks I’ve had a varied selection of driving lessons from beginners to the post-test-passing Pass Plus course. The one thing that’s struck me the most has been the lack of responsibil ...

Instructor Training – Part 3 Assessment

394 views |12 January / 2013, Education/Tutoring by Jason Vines, N/A

The part 3 instructor test is a nerve-racking experience for all hopeful participants. By the time you get to this stage you would have been through a lot already ...

Driving Instructor Training – Pink Badge or not

449 views |12 January / 2013, Education/Tutoring by Jason Vines, N/A

Once you have passed your instructors ‘part 2’, the practical driving test, you have a decision to make about your approach to the final test, ‘part 3’. You have at this sta ...

Why to Get Home Tutoring

501 views |7 November / 2012, Education/Tutoring by Dustin Kerr, D

There are plenty of good reasons to consider having your child home schooled, and there are a lot of parents around the world who have gone on to do this with their children. If you are in need of a private ...

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