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Practice makes perfect. With today's vast opportunities and advanced technology anyone can learn a language but simply listening to it.

I was about 14 years old when an elderly man came up to me and said “Don’t worry too much if you can’t learn new languages, if you are good at mathematics you are most likely bad at languages.”  I was trying so hard to learn French but could never really learn anything but actually I was quite good at Maths.  His words made me think, and ask myself: what makes a good mathematician?  All I could think of was that if I had a logical mind then I could figure out complex mathematical formulas.  Yes, I had a logical mind.  But why did I find it so difficult to learn a foreign language?  There is nothing logical in a language; one has just to know the words, put them together and remember them.  Oh!!! How good was my memory?  Not so good unfortunately.  Then how on earth did I learn English?  The answer simply is, by listening and practicing it every day.  Now I understand, the best way for me to learn a language is the natural way, just as if I were still a baby.  Many might disagree with me I am sure; lots of people are both linguists and mathematicians. If they have a good memory and a logical mind they may very well be.

If only I had had the opportunity of enrolling on a French language course in a French speaking country - I would have definitely learnt much more.  Students today are lucky; they have so many chances to travel overseas and learn a language at one of the many language schools worldwide.  Some countries nowadays offer grants to students for exactly this purpose. This is one of the main reasons that I have established a language school in Malta.  Must language center hosts students from a large number of countries and many of them have received grants from their Government or from the European Union.  It is so important for students to be able to receive the maximum out of the short language study time available to them overseas.

One of the best systems that I found to be most effective is to give students plenty of time to speak the language and to correct them as they go.  Whilst living in a foreign country students will have to speak and to listen to the local language.  The longer they study abroad the better they master the language.

Malta is one of the most popular countries for students who would like to learn English as a Foreign Language (EFL).  An Island full of sunshine, crystal clear waters and renowned friendly people makes Malta an obvious choice for many students all over the world as being a perfect place to study English.  English is Malta’s official second language and is spoken by everyone.  Ever increasing demand by students to learn and practice English, in this unique Mediterranean Island, ensures Malta’s success in this field and has earned its reputation of being one of the finest resources for students to study English as a foreign language.  Being an excellent holiday resort, Malta is also a treasure trove of art, history and stark beauty out of all proportion to its size.

Linguist or Mathematician? With today’s vast opportunities available to students anyone can easily be both. Education Malta.


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