Why People Compare & Buy Computer Monitor?

One of the most prominent features of a computer is its monitor. Monitors are the basic requirement for any PC. The sizes of computer monitors vary, of course, according to choice and requirements. Th

Buying a computer monitor is like buying a car. If you have never been to a car seller yet and you do not understand what I am trying to say here. Let me narrate a common practice of car customers at car sales shows. First time buyers (and even experienced car buyers) walk into a showroom and they begin looking around often confusing themselves with features that look all the same to them! Customers cannot make up their minds as to which car is the best among the shiny lot. Then a car Salesman walks into the scene and uses his oddest most trusted trick in the book-which is differentiation by comparison.

Human beings may not appreciate things unless they have something to compare it against. Be it another human being, a car or a computer monitor. It would not take too long for a customer to see the differences and then compare them to find what they like. Smart marketers use this psychological aspect (or fallacy as some of you might think of it), to their profits. For instance to make a relatively dearer car look reasonably priced, car showrooms place it close to high end models that have an ever heavier price tags. You may observe this when you walk into an electronics shop to buy a computer monitor or maybe any electronics for that matter.

Now that you know about this, let us see how we can use this to our advantage and find good products online or at stores. Don’t let numbers fool you because numbers may be used to deceive consumers, and those that make those up know exactly how! To an untrained, unsuspecting eye bigger numbers might make a better viewing experience, which might not necessarily be the truth. In fact, there is a term for it- horsepower mistake! I found this on a blog that spoke about mathematical manipulation of figures in the sports industry. The author referred to the automobile industry to make his arguments lucid and I will do the same here.

Some car buyer purchase vehicles without looking beyond the figures on the sales brochure. To them the horsepower, torque and wheelbase are testimonials to the car’s superiority. Within a few months of usage, these consumers realize their mistakes but by then it becomes too late! Similar is the case with an electronics consumer who base their buying decisions on figures that speak of million colors and amazing contrast ratios and ‘what-not-numbers’ that run the gamut. Finding the truth beyond numbers don’t mean anything to buyers who don’t understand it. Instead of deciding about a computer monitor from the numbers, turn it on and watch it. Carry your own digital content and check it by plugging in your device and playing it on the computer lcd monitor. This way you will be able to make a better evaluation of the monitor. Keep testing different computer monitors with the same digital content until you find the best performer among all


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