Hard Drive Failure: Picking Up the Digital Pieces

Hard Drive Failure: Picking Up the Digital Pieces of Your Life Once upon a time, if your hard drive failed you had it repaired.

When a Digital Disaster Strikes, Who are you going to call?

ECO Data Recovery has been recovering mission critical data for over 20years.

Once upon a time, if your hard drive failed you had it repaired. This was a much more cost effective solution rather than buying a new Whopping 5Mb (Yes that is Correct 5 MEGAbyte, not Gigabyte!) MFM Interface drives for nearly $1,000.00!

Wow! How times have changed.

All hard drives fail. Plain and Simple. Javier Trilla, Recovery Engineer at ECO Data Recovery says Every hard drive will fail. Its not a matter of If, but a matter of when. A vast majority of the newer, larger capacity hard drives are manufactured overseas, using cheaper labor, cheap parts and not much consideration to a long life span.

Of course the drastic reduction in the cost of a new hard drive has dropped by leaps and bounds as well.

A perfect analogy of data loss would be: You don’t know what you have, until it’s gone!

Once you can no longer access your information, you begin to realize the full value of it.

Routinely opening everyday working files, programs, and other contents that are relied upon daily, are no longer available to the user. This can bring any business to its knees, and fast.

These days, when disaster strikes, you have alternatives. In our nearly paperless society, the data that is stored on hard disk drives, and other forms of storage media, can be truly priceless.

The data stored on a drive, may be Payroll, Employee Information, Inventory or any number of items that when without, business continuity becomes nonexistent. (In other words, you are basically Out of Business) This however is simply not an option for most companies, regardless of size.

Enter Data Recovery. The term means just that. The recovery/retrieval of mission critical information.

There are numerous listings for data recovery services on any search engine. This simply underscores the importance of such service. There must be a million listings for websites that offer data recovery services. The fact of the matter however, is that there are maybe 15-20 quality, qualified data recovery labs, that specialize in hardware failure. Any physical issues MUST be overcome, prior to moving onto a Logical Level recovery.

The hard drive in every computer will eventually fail. Will you be prepared? Will you have a strategic back up plan in place? Most businesses, whether small, medium or large will have a comprehensive plan to get back up and running. Of course there are just as many who will not. This is where the need for data recovery arises. It can be an invaluable service that can also make or break a small company.


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