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Google’s Quantum Computer is 100 Million Times Faster

258 views |14 December / 2015, Computers/Computers by Q3 Technologies, C+

Quantum mechanics is a topic most engineering students hate to study. The idea is that everything we have learnt about physics and chemistry changes completely when we come down to the atomic and molecular l ...

Microsoft Releases Share-able Chats in Skype

277 views |16 October / 2015, Computers/Computers by Q3 Technologies, C+

Microsoft’s Skype team announced a new feature for Skype users that allows anyone running Skype to establish a unique chat room having URLs that can be shared on social media channels and through other com ...

A Complete Guide for Removing Components of Alienware Alpha

1,137 views |9 July / 2015, Computers/Computers by brookmperry, C

Undoubtedly, your Dell Alienware Alpha is your constant gaming partner, but your may find difficult to troubleshot this gaming console if it malfunctions. The device incorporates the best gaming CPU and allo ...

How to Convert TrueCrypt Format into VeraCrypt Format?

1,032 views |1 July / 2015, Computers/Computers by brookmperry, C

If you are a TrueCrypt user then, by now, you must have become aware that this hard drive encryption tool is no more receiving any maintenance or security updates from its developers. VeraCrypt is an open so ...

Why Computer Repair is the Best Way to Fix 0x80041003 Error

329 views |28 May / 2015, Computers/Computers by brookmperry, C

Windows error 0x80041003 or in other words 'unable to load event’ usually occurs when the user tries to run an application that is unauthorized by Windows. It denies access to a user for all events in the ...

Computer Support to Fix the STOP: 0X00000116 Windows Error

507 views |22 May / 2015, Computers/Computers by brookmperry, C

Microsoft Windows is the favorite Operating System for many PC users. Tough it is an amazing program, it also has its shortcomings. Frequent users of the OS usually come across some errors that Microsoft wor ...

Hootsuite Vs. TweetDeck – The Faceoff

457 views |6 May / 2015, Computers/Computers by Benjamin Roussey, C

When it comes to social media management tools, two seemed to have stood the test of time since they were first launched – Hootsuite and TweetDeck. While both seem to work in a similar manner, there are a ...

What Makes Lead Management Software So Crucial?

319 views |18 April / 2015, Computers/Computers by Gary Damon, D

Lead management is a set of methods, systems & practices designed to produce new probable business clients, usually operated through a range of marketing or programs. Lead management makes easy a busines ...

Social Media Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye Out For in 2015

296 views |20 January / 2015, Computers/Computers by Benjamin Roussey, C

The field of digital marketing is constantly evolving, right from consumer behavior and business models to changing technology trends. Older digital marketing tips and tricks may no longer hold ground in tod ...

Hard Drive Destruction for Classified Documents

332 views |27 August / 2014, Computers/Computers by DataKiller, N/A

Many documents and other information are vital for the proper functioning of a particular company. These documents are extremely important and they include contracts and other forms of E-mails and text docum ...

How to Convert Oracle to MySQL and MSSQL?

340 views |5 August / 2014, Computers/Computers by Kenneth Wilson, N/A

Oracle is a database and is believed to be a complementary of MySQL. Both these database software are said to combine with each other easily. MySQL is open source database software and therefore has capabili ...

5 Tips to Troubleshoot Issues With PC Games

425 views |4 August / 2014, Computers/Computers by brookmperry, C

PC games are one of the most favored options to release your work stress, spend some quality time with family, and to offer a competitive spirit to our players. A PC game can easily offer you an amazing plat ...

Importance of Hard Drive Shredding

274 views |29 July / 2014, Computers/Computers by DataKiller, N/A

Companies usually discard old computers to replace them with new ones. Computers contain data that is private and confidential like contacts, addresses, security numbers and a lot more. Even though they are ...

5 Things You Can Do to Prevent PC Overheating

472 views |25 July / 2014, Computers/Computers by brookmperry, C

It is presumably known to all of us that upon usage, computers’ components generate heat which can be felt easily as the device gets hot to touch. Under certain circumstances, like prolong use, PCs and lap ...

10 Most Common Tech Queries and Their Resolutions

495 views |7 July / 2014, Computers/Computers by brookmperry, C

In today’s world, where each day, every second, and every moment is occupied with the usages of high-tech gadgets to perform your routine tasks, having technical queries has become very common. While acces ...

How to Import Emails from Lotus Notes to Outlook with High Resolution Tool?

317 views |25 April / 2014, Computers/Computers by Lionel Jean, D

Gothenburg, Sweden, April 25th, 2014: Emails data form an important part of any organisation, big or small, today. The IT has revolutionised the way business entities share information, reach to clients and ...

Many Benefits of Electronic Recycling

457 views |28 March / 2014, Computers/Computers by chasewillis, N/A

Have you ever wondered that new electronic equipment would bring hazard? Well, it is true! Electronic items have become a part of life. It is just impossible to imagine life without them. They are used on a ...

Build and Develop with Software Development

344 views |27 February / 2014, Computers/Computers by webmaster Softtix, N/A

Whenever you use a computer, cell phone, video game system or an mp3 player, or a software program, game or app on any of these devices, you have a software developer to thank for making it possible. Softwar ...

Better Access Over Business Data’s Through Office 365

493 views |14 February / 2014, Computers/Computers by MattDubois, N/A

The advent of technology has made life easy for humankind. What used to be hard work has been converted into smart work and all credit goes to many developers who have produced and introduced different types ...

What Affects Your Broadband Speed?

1,247 views |19 November / 2013, Computers/Computers by Sam Jones, C-

According to Ofcom, the average broadband speed in the United Kingdom reached 14.7Mbit/s in May, 2013, and it continues to rise every year as newer technologies such as 4G mobile broadband and fibre-optic ca ...

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