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10 Tips That Will Help You To Conquer Any Interview

90 views |25 October / 2016, Careers/Interviews by Sandra Lee, D

As of late, there was an online study of individuals from Human Resources Growth divisions of different organisations. In that study, around 40% of employing managers asserted that they know in 180 seconds w ...

Tips to Prepare for a Job Interview

180 views |27 July / 2016, Careers/Interviews by B K Vijay, N/A

You have worked so hard for this day and eventually the opportunity has come to show your talent. The resume that you have sent for a job has worked out well and you get a phone call to attend the interview. ...

Some Basics Regarding the Interviewing Process Itself

667 views |15 November / 2013, Careers/Interviews by Bernard Kirk, C-

Any interview is something of an act.The interviewee has to convince the interviewer that he or she is the best candidate for the job, while the interviewer, especially if he is the owner of the ...

The Basic Steps to Take BEFORE you Start Interviewing Candidates

1,028 views |11 November / 2013, Careers/Interviews by Bernard Kirk, C-

We have all seen the typical interview consisting of the boss spending most of the time talking, the potential employee smiling, nodding in agreement, and then being appointed. We have also seen that same em ...

Tips to Guide you Through the Face to Face Interview

396 views |20 May / 2013, Careers/Interviews by Michele Unangst, C-

Face to face interviews intimidate a lot of job seekers. It is at this point of the process where the true nerves and anxiety come into play. We stress. We stress about what we wear, what they may ask, every ...

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