Edelweiss extract and anti-aging skin care

Most people associate the great European Edelweiss flower with the lyrics, Small and white, Clean and bright, you look happy to meet me, from the popular and timeless 1960s movie-musical, The Sound of

Most people associate the great European Edelweiss flower with the lyrics, "Small and white, Clean and bright, you look happy to meet me," from the popular and timeless 1960s movie-musical, The Sound of Music, but it turns out that the medicinal properties of this Alpine wonder-plant's extract, may be the new key to anti-aging skin care.

The Swiss Alps are an exceptional region for wildlife, weather and botanic phenomenon, with Edelweiss itself being an extremely durable plant able to survive at an incredible height of more than 3,000 meters, and in extreme temperatures and climatic conditions in the Alps. As Edelweiss itself is fragile yet impenetrable, the extract is extremely precious and protective, making it an ideal remedy for distressed skin.

Edelweiss stimulates the skin's natural processes and protects it from outside influences, thus making it a key ingredient in pre-makeup moisturizing. Edelweiss is also shown to stimulate cell regeneration, reduce wrinkles and provide elasticity, freshness, and moisture to the skin, paramount in anti-aging products.

Since Edelweiss is at a risk of extinction now, it has been declared a protected species in Europe and cannot be publicly picked. In European folklore, however, young men were known to prove their bravery by attaining an Edelweiss flower from the dangerous cliff sides of the Swiss Alps, often risking their lives in pursuit, climbing thousands of meters to pick and present the Edelweiss to his beloved. Since only courageous boys would dare scale these rocks, Edelweiss became a symbol of endurance, freedom, pure nature, and was insurance that the boy's love was true.

Part of the sunflower family, the name itself means "noble white." Edelweiss was also utilized to ward off evil and as a token to attract love. Hand-picked, selected seeds of Edelweiss are adapted to achieve the same quality and standards of the original wild flowers, which only last for about eight days. After drying picked Edelweiss, the flowers are cut and prepared in an alcohol solution, so the extract can be used as a medicinal herb. Mixed into tea with milk and honey, it was historically a powerful ingredient thought to cure Dysentery, Diphtheria and Tuberculosis.

Organic Edelweiss extract from the Alps is shown to possess exceptional, high-performance, anti-oxidant and anti-radical properties, which ensure better protection of skin collagen and an overall reduction of the skin's oxidative stress. Usage of Edelweiss in skin care has been Dermatologist-tested for an average wrinkle reduction of 22%.

A powerful natural antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, Edelweiss contains natural metabolites that protect against ultraviolet radiation of the sun.

Edelweiss extract grown according to EU organic regulations and used as the main ingredient in high-quality moisturizers, will bring the purity and beauty of the Swiss Alps directly to your skin. Skin care is one line that delivers Edelweiss for effectiveness.

John Allen is a writer of Velixa, a complete age-defying Skin Care Solutions located at New York. They provide excellent services in skin care therapy, re-renewal products, skin rejuvenation and anti-wrinkle creams etc.


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