Hairdressing Consultation? What is This?

Have you ever entered a hair salon for a new salon haircut and left with the same old look? Well, before the salon shears are used, you definitely need a hair consultation. What is a hairdressing c

Have you ever entered a hair salon for a new salon haircut and left with the same old look? Well, before the salon shears are used, you definitely need a hair consultation. What is a hairdressing consultation? Read more and find out.

It is really just fine to enter a hair salon with no idea what haircut you want. That is what the hairdressing consultation is all about. Here is what should happen during a hairdressing consultation. When you book your appointment, make sure to tell the receptionist that you would like to consult with the stylist about some ideas for your hair. This will enable the stylist to have some extra time allotted for your consultation. The receptionist knows that before the stylist ever picks up the hairdressing shears, the stylist will want to know some important information about you first.

When you sit down with the stylist, before the stylist picks up the salon shears, make sure you are ready with answers to some basic questions like: How much time do you spend on your hair? What is the shortest or longest length you may want your hair? Do you want color? What are the negative issues you usually have with your haircuts? What do you love about your hair? Do you want to be able to pull your hair up in a ponytail or do you always keep it down? Are you more of a conservative type or a trendy haircut type of person? Do seasonal weather changes affect your hair? Do you prefer your hair on your face or brushed back from your face? This is the time to let the stylist know about your hair and the best time for good communication. Don’t wait until the stylist starts using the salon shears to ask questions.

Once you have told the hair stylist the answers to these questions, then, listen to the stylist for her/his suggestions and comments. The stylist is the salon professional and should be able to figure out some changes to make, whether minimal or total change. Make sure you realize what the new haircut will do for you and your face shape. What about color? Will it be easy to work with? Do you have a picture of the haircut? What are the maintenance requirements? Will you need different hair products?

If you aren’t sure about the haircut the stylist suggests, you can say that a little shorter or longer would be preferred. Ask for a variation of what has been mentioned. You may want to think about it until the next haircut appointment and maintain the hairstyle you are wearing. Don’t forget that this is a hairdressing consultation, so the conversation should go back and forth. If you feel comfortable with the stylist after the consultation, allow the stylist to make even a small change. After all, you did go to the salon for a new hair cut!

This is the point when the stylist should shampoo your hair and for the first time during your visit, pick up the salon shears to cut your hair.

It is highly recommended to always have a hairdressing consultation the first visit with a new hair stylist. After the first appointment, expect to have a three to five minute re-consultation. This three to five minute re-consultation allows the client time to tell the stylist of any problems with the previous haircut, any lifestyle changes, or any desired changes for the new haircut.

After a few consultations, you should feel comfortable with your new hairstylist and it won’t even feel like a hairdressing consultation. Instead, it should feel like a nice conversation with a new found friend, who wants to help you feel and look your best.

Nancy B. has been a hair stylist for 30 years and loves a hairdressing consultation. She has achieved the distinction of master hair designer and knows the importance of superior hairdressing shears.


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