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The Worst Diet Mistakes for Hair and Nails

305 views |21 September / 2015, Beauty/Cosmetics by Flying Visa Gist, N/A

Until fairly recently not much was known about the negative effects of certain foods on hair and nails unlike well documented research on which foods are good and which are bad for our skin. Recent studies h ...

How to Choose the Right Makeup Course

407 views |25 August / 2015, Beauty/Cosmetics by Radina Simeonova, C-

One of the most frequently asked beauty questions online is ‘how to be a makeup artist?’ If it’s your dream to work within the industry then you’re going to need to undertake the right makeup trainin ...

Tips on Planning for a Body Paint Job

350 views |24 August / 2015, Beauty/Cosmetics by Radina Simeonova, C-

As a make-up professional, you will on occasion be required to complete body paint jobs which could be used for a range of purposes such as special FX, editorial shoots, theatre and more. As these projects a ...

Why Invest in Airbrush Make-up Equipment

302 views |24 August / 2015, Beauty/Cosmetics by Radina Simeonova, C-

Airbrush makeup is becoming more and more popular within the industry, and for many is the preferred way to apply product and create looks which are realistic and ‘flawless’. If you’re thinking about i ...

Professional Make-up Product Choices for Your Holiday

386 views |24 July / 2015, Beauty/Cosmetics by Radina Simeonova, C-

Going on a holiday can lead to a number of dilemmas when it comes to choosing which make-up products to take with you. As well as the limited luggage allowance, you’ve got to consider factors such as the h ...

Epilation and Electrolysis Epilators

446 views |8 July / 2015, Beauty/Cosmetics by Mr Tim Smith, N/A

Epilation is a very popular method of hair removal. However there is confusion about the name epilators. Epilators always used to mean electrolysis epilators however nowadays epilators refers to hair removal ...

Is Antibacterial Soap Origin more Harm than Good

326 views |11 June / 2015, Beauty/Cosmetics by poojalate, N/A

Cleanliness nowadays is taken to extremes where a lot of people are obsessed with killing unseen germs. This is not to say that people should stop caring about cleanliness and live filthy lives.  It just th ...

How to Maintain Your Make-up Brush Set

358 views |12 May / 2015, Beauty/Cosmetics by Radina Simeonova, C-

When you think about make-up artist kits, do you envision a vast array of colours in their make-up palettes? Or maybe you have in mind beautiful and long lasting professional make-up that will work wonders, ...

Blending to Achieve a Professional Make-Up Looks

395 views |7 May / 2015, Beauty/Cosmetics by Radina Simeonova, C-

Whilst make-up is used to enhance your natural beauty and features, or even to alter them for some purposes (e.g. hide pigmentation and blemishes), the aim when it comes to applying make-up is to make it loo ...

Why Choose Airbrush When Doing Body Painting

389 views |7 May / 2015, Beauty/Cosmetics by Radina Simeonova, C-

Body paint is used for many make-up purposes and is a very versatile and precise technique.  From creating smooth, natural- looking skin textures to colourful looks for theatrical or film and television mak ...

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