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What’s Coming Up For Logo Design?

199 views |24 May / 2016, Advertising/Graphic Design by henryjoseph, N/A

Innovation has changed the concept of the design industry radically in the recent years, however, the approach and theory of designing a logo has remained to some extent the same, with most designers utilizi ...

Master Embroidery Digitizing From Photographs

293 views |24 August / 2015, Advertising/Graphic Design by Rishi Shah, N/A

Photographs tend to be a major challenge for even the most seasoned digitizers, since finding concrete lines on a picture is very difficult. Another aspect that makes digitizing from a photo highly unnerving ...

Display Signs for Commercial Stores

343 views |7 February / 2013, Advertising/Graphic Design by Reynaldo Gould, N/A

Setting up a new shop is something that you will not want to do without first having taken the time to plan the entire situation very carefully, and this is probably quite clear to just about any business ow ...

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